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EDHE 8101. Introduction to Higher Education (3-0-3) Overview of the evolution and organization of American higher education. Examines the dominant philosophical, organizational, managerial themes shaping the nation’s system of post-secondary education. Considers historical precedents that shaped the structuring and management of vocational/technical institutes, 2-year and 4-year colleges, and comprehensive universities. Participants will be introduced to the seminal literature that supports advanced study in higher education administration.

EDHE 8102. Academic Affairs (3-0-3) This course will emphasize academic leadership concepts that relate to organizational structure, staff productivity, and leadership in the change process with respect to curriculum, instruction, faculty development, and faculty personnel policies in higher education. Special attention is given to teaching-learning environments and the factors that shape them. The course will focus on internal stakeholders, organizational structures, and processes, as well as intra-institutional relationships that exert pressure on the academic core and impact institutional priorities, strategies, and activities.

EDHE 8103. Finance and Administrative Affairs (3-0-3) This course involves an exploration of the functional areas/skills that contribute to the effective administration of higher education institutions. Emphasis will be placed on planning, leadership, personnel administration, and facility management. The course will focus on higher education finance which impacts all aspects of college and university operations.

EDHE 8110. Policy and Politics of Higher Education (3-0-3) This course is designed to provide frameworks and approaches to the policy and politics of higher education. Politics contributes heavily to policy development and policy implementation. The course will include: policy analysis and policy development; the identification of issues appropriate for policy study in postsecondary institutions; the political climate in higher education; the relationships with both internal and external constituents and the governance of higher education. The course will focus on, but not be limited to, the governance structure and policy-making process in American higher education, current legislative developments, state political agenda, and the role of educating an increasingly diverse student population.

EDHE 8112. Higher Education Student Services (3-0-3) This course examines the role of student affairs administrators in student success in higher education. Course activities will consider the organization and administration of student affairs though study of theories, research, and methods, and students as well as the application of theory to practice.

EDHE 8123. Research in Higher Education (3-0-3) The purpose of this course is to begin to prepare students to undertake a major research study, specifically the dissertation. Requirements and expectations of doctoral candidates, as well as technology that can be used will be addressed. This course will assist the doctoral candidate to refine and/or define a dissertation topic and develop the rationale for a particular research agenda.

EDHE 8125. Educational Evaluation (3-0-3) This course provides an overview of educational evaluation and assessment practices that enable learning organizations to use data for decision making. It contains information that is both practical and theoretical in nature. In this course, theoretical and philosophical components will be analyzed, but the theories will be translated into practical situations and solutions to current problems.