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Education Foundation Options

EDUF 8000. Ed.D. Dissertation Defense (0-0-0) Doctoral Program Director approval required. A satisfactory grade in the course indicates a successful oral defense of the dissertation, the completion of edits and approval by the advisor or committee, and submission to the library. Degree candidates must be enrolled during the semester of their defense. S/U grading.

EDUF 8129. Developing the Dissertation Prospectus (3-0-3) Prerequisite: EDUF 8127, EDUF 8117, and EDUF 8125 with a passing grade of B or higher. This course is designed to prepare candidates to develop a dissertation prospectus for presentation to a committee and to gain the knowledge necessary to complete the EdD dissertation.

EDUF 8999. The Dissertation (0-0-{1-3}) Prerequisites: EDUF 8129 with a passing grade of C or higher. This course is designed to assist candidates as they complete the development of a dissertation proposal, select a committee, present the proposal to the committee for approval, conduct a study, analyze, present and discuss data, complete and defend the dissertation. The candidate will be enrolled in this course for a minimum of nine semester hours. The chair of the committee will serve as the instructor of record.