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Education Leadership option

EDUL 6128. Instructional Strategies for Student Success (3-0-3) This course will examine how leaders supervise, monitor, and evaluate instructional strategies and principles that are essential to developing and administering curricular programs. It will explore scope and sequence, measurability, differentiation, and the alignment of the written and taught curriculum.

EDUL 6129. Supervision of the Learning Environment (3-0-3) This course focuses on leadership skills necessary to insure learning takes place, including learning strategies, modern technologies, barriers to learning, and effective teaching. Candidates will identify and evaluate the elements of a positive learning environment, and examine the basic concepts of teacher supervision and evaluation as defined by the peer observation protocol.

EDUL 6138. Continuous Improvement in Schools (3-0-3) This course provides the aspiring leader with the tools to develop a vision of continuous improvement for schools centering on the School Improvement Plan and its relationship to increasing student performance.

EDUL 6699. Internship for School Leadership (0-2-1) The internship includes a variety of planned experiences in a diverse work environment and multiple settings that involve direct interaction and involvement with candidates, staff, parents, and community leaders over an extended period of time.