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Education Leadership option

EDUL 6178. Creating Student Success (3-0-3) This course emphasizes the school principal’s role in creating student success using the professional learning community process. Aspiring school leaders will develop an understanding of the importance of the role that principals play, collaboration, support, and continuous improvement for student achievement. Emphasis is placed on providing the candidate current pedagogical knowledge about improving achievement for a diverse student population.

EDUL 6195. Technology In the Learning Environment (3-0-3) This course is designed to enhance the understanding and practice of aspiring Tier I school leaders (assistant principals or district personnel not supervising school principals) regarding the usage of and issues facing technology in schools

EDUL 6698. Internship for School Leadership (0-{4-8}-{2-4}) The internship includes a variety of planned experiences in a diverse work environment and multiple settings that involve direct interaction and involvement with candidates, staff, parents, and community leaders over an extended period of time.