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Education Leadership option

EDUL 6185. School Law and Ethics (3-0-3) This course is designed to enhance the understanding and practice of the aspiring Tier I school leader (assistant principal or district leader who does not supervise school principals) to investigate public policy as related to the school environment and to promote the success for all school stakeholders through ethical behaviors in all situations.

EDUL 6189. School Culture and Diversity (3-0-3) This course is intended to provide the aspiring school leader the ability to enhance and support student achievement through the recognition of the importance of culture and diversity of the school community, in developing and implementing curriculum; in identification of the impact of school culture; the use of data to influence school culture; and critical thinking about the school principal’s role in improving school climate and culture.

EDUL 6227. Obtaining and Using Resources Wisely (2-2-3) The candidate will investigate the methods of obtaining and utilizing resources equitably to improve student achievement for a diverse student population. Emphasis will be on the utilization of funds at the local building level.

EDUL 6699. Internship for School Leadership (0-2-1) The internship includes a variety of planned experiences in a diverse work environment and multiple settings that involve direct interaction and involvement with candidates, staff, parents, and community leaders over an extended period of time.