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Course Details

EDUL 7105. School System Strategic Plan (2-2-3) Investigates factors involved in developing and implementing a school system strategic plan; focuses on the many entities that should be included, the use of data in developing this plan and methods of assessing its success. (Course fee required.)

EDUL 7107. School System Reform and The Change Process (2-2-3) Investigates how redirecting effort can change the focus of school system reform. Focuses on identifying the dynamics of change and how to lead stakeholders through this process. (Course fee required.)

EDUL 7698. Internship for School Improvement (0-{1-12}-{1-6}) Identify, plan and implement major activities in leadership that provide related on-the-job experiences that focus on improving the teaching-learning environment. (S/U grading.) (Course fee required.)

EDUL 7794. System Level Policy, Governance, and Ethics (2-2-3) Investigates school system accountability within the framework of public policy and ethical standards. Focuses on characteristics of effective practices with an emphasis on effective school research. (Course fee required.)

EDUL 7797. Budget Alignment to School System Mission (2-2-3) Financing educational programs and the budgeting process. Focuses on the allocation of funds that promote the school system mission and goals. (Course fee required.)

EDUL 7899. Independent Study (0-0-{2-4}) Prerequisite: Departmental approval. A specialized investigation of a problem in educational leadership proposed by the student under the direction of an educational leadership faculty member.