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EDUL 8101. Management of Educational Organizations (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Ed.D. Program. This course emphasizes academic leadership concepts that relate to organizational structure, staff productivity, and leadership in the change process with respect to curriculum, instruction, faculty development, and faculty personnel policies in education. Special attention is given to teaching-learning environments and the factors that shape them. The course focuses on internal stakeholders, organizational structures, and processes, as well as intra-institutional relationships that exert pressure on the academic core and impact institutional priorities, strategies, and activities.

EDUL 8102. Leading for Change (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Ed.D. Program. This course emphasizes the need for leaders to understand the importance of change and the inevitability of change in schools. The course illustrates means to use theory and practice to achieve personal and group goals through learning and social contributions. Participants will learn that the ability to manage change is critical to the success of any leader and organization. Specific strategies for managing change will include: decision making, organizational design, individual and organizational behavior, group dynamics, interpersonal communication, conflict management, negotiation, empowerment, coaching, use of power and influence, managing diversity, performance appraisal, career development, and work stress.

EDUL 8104. Supervision of Teaching and Learning (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Ed.D. Program. This course teaches what administrators need to know to supervise and provide leadership for improvement of teaching and learning opportunities including curriculum revision. Candidates analyze the consistency between philosophy, educational theory, and educational practice with specific focus on helping teachers help students. The course examines current thinking in the elementary grades and secondary subject matter disciplines by investigating current teaching, learning and curriculum issues.

EDUL 8105. Leadership Theory (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Ed.D. This course is designed to enable doctoral candidates to understand the foundational concepts and develop the analytical skills needed to be an effective leader in a variety of educational related settings. Candidates will explore their own leadership, personality and cognitive styles and learn how these may affect the performance of others within the organization. The course will focus on theory-based projects and exercises as well as provide opportunities to individually reflect and write about the concepts explored and skills gained throughout the course.

EDUL 8115. Educational Policy and Ethics (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Ed.D. This course prepares educational leaders to understand what education policy is at the national, state, and local levels. Students are taught how education policy originates, how it is formally developed, and what factors influence its development. The course will include an extensive review of local school board policy development and the role that a code of ethics for educators plays in influencing policy development.

EDUL 8126. Politics of Education (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Ed.D. The myth that politics and education exist in separate worlds is examined in this course. Politics is a critical aspect of all educational endeavors. Participants will review the recent waves of educational reform in terms of their political implications for educational decision makers. Manifestations of overt political behavior and the politics at the federal, state and local levels will also be explored.

EDUL 8128. Educational Facilities, Development and Implementation (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Ed.D. This course prepares educational leaders to evaluate and ensure school facilities support the teaching and learning process. Educational specifications, survey techniques, and information necessary to develop, oversee, and maintain school facilities will be addressed. Specific attention will be given to the importance of facilities to student health, safety, and academic performance.

EDUL 8129. System Level Finance (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Ed.D. Program. This course applies principles of leadership to managing a public school district’s fiscal, human, and material resources. Students will examine federal, state, and local funding sources for education.