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ENGL 3167. Journalism and Content Creation (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ENGL 1102 with a minimum grade of C. This course provides a study of and practice in reporting, news writing, feature writing and general content creation. Students will study reporting techniques, interviewing techniques, story organizations, different types of leads, copy editing, and legal aspects of journalism, among other topics. Students will also write fact-based stories about people, places, and issues and develop skills in in-depth interviewing and observational reporting, narration, characterization, and use of sensory details.

ENGL 3168. Professional Editing (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ENGL 1102 with a minimum grade of C. Students will acquire editing skills to improve design, content, spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, and sentence clarity within documents. The course will allow students to construct style guides and apply usage requirements to specific manuscripts. Students will develop an understanding of the ethical issues in publishing, such as maintaining the author's voice, plagiarism, and the balancing of conflicting concerns between authorial intent, editorial decisions, and marketing goals.

ENGL 3171. Print and Web Design (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ENGL 1102 with a minimum grade of C. This course is a survey of rhetorical concepts and technical skills needed to create effective computer-mediated design for print media and to compose and post informative, persuasive, and user-friendly websites. Students begin the course by learning fundamental concepts of visual rhetoric and apply those concepts to their own practical creations with the latest design software for print. Students will continue to apply their knowledge and skills learned early in the course to creating an online presence and writer's portfolio to present to potential employers.

ENGL 3172. Social Media for Writers (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ENGL 1102 with a minimum grade of C. This course instructs students to utilize established and emerging social media platforms to develop, complement, and promote their own writing. Course objectives include developing and promoting a personal brand, crafting stories through nontraditional mediums, gathering information through online communities, and building an audience.

ENGL 4000. Baccalaureate Survey (0-0-0) Satisfactory grade in this course indicates completion of the baccalaureate examination for the BA degree in English Language and Literature. Survey can be taken more than once. (S/U grading.)

ENGL 4698. Internship (0-0-{2-9}) Prerequisites: Senior standing in English and approval of department chair. Directed experience in the field with an approved agency or company. (S/U grading.) (Course fee required.)

ENGL 5000. Professional Writing Portfolio (0-0-0) Prerequisites: Students must have completed all Professional Writing courses or be in their final semester. At the completion of the Professional Writing curriculum but before taking the internship, students must submit a portfolio of their work to the appropriate faculty member in the Professional Writing track. The portfolio will be a collection of writing assignments from all Professional Writing courses. The student and the faculty member will review the portfolio together. (S/U grading.)

ENGL 5149. Grant Writing (3-0-3) Undergraduate Prerequisites: ENGL 2157 and with a "C" or better. This course will examine the topics and strategies in grant writing. After addressing relevant subjects in the principles of grants, the course will analyze the various methods of research used to find funding. The course is specifically designed to prepare students with the skills critical for the writing of grant proposals. Accordingly, a variety of grant proposals will be studied. The course will consider the ethical elements of funding. Because grant writing is so often a group effort, the course will devote extensive attention to collaborative writing.

ENGL 5155. Theories of Rhetoric (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ENGL 2157. Using the principles and techniques of classical and contemporary rhetoricians, students will learn to understand discourse. Analysis will focus on texts from various historical periods and from a spectrum of contexts, including business, literary, and political.

ENGL 5195. Techinical and Scientific Writing (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ENGL 1102 with a grade of "C" or better. A course for students to learn how to use technical data in the writing of reports and other documents. Students will study the principles of rhetoric applied to writing situations in which factual informataion must be reported clearly, concisely, and objectively to audiences of either specialists or non-specialists.