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History options

HIST 5195. Historiography (3-0-3) Prerequisite: HIST 3125 with a grade of C or better or consent of chair. This seminar analyzes the discipline of history and studies how historians' questions and methods have changed over time.

HIST 6015. Graduate History Convocation (0-0-0) The Graduate History Convocation meeting is required for all MA in History students. At the meeting, students will receive information about the Department of History and Geography, the requirements for the degree, upcoming events, careers in history and geography, and the study of history and geography.

HIST 6745. Graduate Colloquium (3-0-3) In-depth study of a historical topic, with an examination of major themes in the field, analysis of central primary documents, and discussion of the relevant scholarly literature. Production of a research paper and public conference-style presentation of the student’s scholarship. The topic under study varies by semester. Must be taken twice, with different topics.