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Master of Public Saftey Administration Area I Core

MPSA 6105. Leadership in Public Safety Administration (3-0-3) This course examines leadership in public safety agencies with an emphasis on effective leadership as well as current theory and practice.

MPSA 6116. Human Resource Management and Development (3-0-3) This course examines the history and current practice of personnel administration in the public sector; topics include hiring, career development, compensation, and labor laws.

MPSA 6125. Organizational and Management Realities (3-0-3) This course focuses on typical problems in public safety administration, with an emphasis on using management theory to inform successful practice.

MPSA 6126. Fiscal Management and Public Finance (3-0-3) This course provides an overview of public finance, examining different types of budgets and sources of revenue; students will learn how to manage public funds effectively.

MPSA 6136. Applied Research in Public Safety Administration (3-0-3) This course focuses on research methods, procedures, design, and the application of research findings to public safety administration.

MPSA 6146. Strategic Planning and Policy Development (3-0-3) This course examines effective strategic planning in public safety agencies.

MPSA 6156. Legal Issues and Trends in Public Safety Administration (3-0-3) This course focuses on constitutional and statute law relevant to current issues in public safety agencies; topics include due process and civil liabilities, and the immunities and responsibilities of public safety administrators.