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MSOL Courses

MSOL 6000. MSOL Professional Exit Requirement (0-0-0) This is a zero credit hour course that must be taken in the last semester prior to graduation. It is designed to assess MSOL students for the completion of their graduate degree. (S/U Grading)

MSOL 6115. Organizational Behavior and Leadership (3-0-3) This course examines leadership and organizational behavior theories and applications. Topics include both classical and contemporary theories of leadership, and organizational behavior issues.

MSOL 6125. Negotiations and Conflict Resolution (3-0-3) This is an applied knowledge course in which participants learn basic and advanced techniques of negotiations, and conflict management. Active learning activities such as role play and mock negotiations are used.

MSOL 6135. Contemporary Economics and Finance for Leaders (3-0-3) This course covers the application of select topics in micro economics, macro economics, labor economics and basic finance. The focus is on the application of these concepts to business and community leadership roles.

MSOL 6145. Global Management (3-0-3) This course provides students with an understanding of core competencies including leadership in a global business environment, managing ambiguity and uncertainty, cross-cultural communication, and transnational strategy.

MSOL 6155. Strategic Leadership and Change Management (3-0-3) This course focuses on issues such as strategic vision, the development of mission and mission statements, organizational theory, organizational learning, planning strategically envisioning and realizing possibility, policy and strategy formulation, corporate social responsibility, organizational change, resistance to change and succession planning.