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Physical Education

PHED 6115. Curriculum Development in Physical Education (3-0-3) Study of innovative curricula aimed at developing a "physically educated person". Examines curricular models, issues and trends, scope and sequence, outcomes, and assessment.

PHED 6117. Social Development in Physical Education: Working with At-Risk Students (3-0-3) Prepares teachers to work with students who are considered at-risk, especially those at risk for dropping out or becoming involved with drugs, gangs or violence. Emphasis on developing a social responsibility plan for physical education.

PHED 6118. Legal Issues in Physical Education and Sports (3-0-3) Designed to develop knowledge of liability and safety issues in physical education and athletics in P-12 programs.

PHED 6119. Assessment in Physical Education (3-0-3) Focused study on the role of assessment and evaluation. Emphasis on practical application of student assessment based on realistic outcomes.

PHED 6135. Teaching P-12 Fitness (3-0-3) In-depth knowledge of the parameters that define and affect fitness and conditioning; application of research findings; methods for teaching.

PHED 6219. Physical Education for Students with Disabilities (2-2-3) Planning, implementing, and evaluating physical education programs for students with disabilities. (Course fee required.)

PHED 6226. Funding and Grants (1-4-3) Prerequisite: Departmental approval. Identification and acquisition of grants, foundation monies, and related resources. (Course fee required.)

PHED 6515. Selected Topics in Physical Education ({1-3}-0-{1-3}) Formal class study of selected topics relevant to the teaching of physical education, e.g. Physical Education for Preschool Children; Current Professional Literature, and Issues in Motor Development.

PHED 6795. Contemporary Issues in Physical Education (2-0-2) Addresses professional issues and trends that affect physical educators; analysis of contemporary policy, practice, research, and theory applied to the teaching of physical education.

PHED 6899. Independent Study (0-0-{1-3}) Prerequisite: Departmental approval. Intensive study in an area of special interest in physical education approved in advance by the advisor.