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Bachelor of Arts
Communication - Film Production Track

College of the Arts

Department of Communication

Program Description

The Film Production track is designed to meet the need for qualified individuals to serve as film production personnel in the burgeoning $6 billion film industry in Georgia. The degree program will require the successful completion of 123 undergraduate credit hours.  All credit hours earned in obtaining the Film Production Certificate and AA can be applied to the BA in Communication / Film Production Concentration program. 

Career Opportunities

Admission Requirements

There are no program specific admission requirements.

Learning Outcomes

Students will develop:
  • Communication graduates will have: Communication skills (e.g., writing, speaking and listening).
  • Production skills (e.g., On-set etiquette including pre-production and post-production skills).
  • Research skills (e.g., library, surveys, continuity checks).
  • Adaptability in responding to persons (e.g., age, gender, cultural differences) and situations.
  • Knowledge of communication history, theory, and career opportunities in the film and TV/media industry.

Additional Program Requirements

There are no program specific academic regulations.

Program Of Study

Area A Essential Skills Required Hours: 9
ENGL 1101 (with a grade of "C" or better)
ENGL 1102 (with a grade of "C" or better)
Select one of the following courses:

Area B Institutional Options Required Hours: 4-5
COMM 1110
Select two of the following courses:

Select one of the following courses: Foreign Language 1001, 1002, 2001, or 2002
Any Area C-E course with a study abroad component.

Note: the extra hour may be used as an elective.

Area C Humanities/Fine Arts/Ethics Required Hours: 6
Select one of the following humanities courses:

Select one of the following fine arts courses: *ITDS 1145, though listed under both humanities and fine arts, may be taken only once.

Area D Science/Math/Technology Required Hours: 10-11
Select two science courses from the list below, one of which must include a lab.

Select one of the following courses or a science course from above:

Area E Social Sciences Required Hours: 12
Select one course from the following two courses:
HIST 2111
HIST 2112

Take the following course:
POLS 1101
Select one behavioral science course from the following courses:

Select one world cultures course from the following courses:

Wellness Requirement Required Hours: 3 

PHED 1205
Select any one PEDS course.

Area F Courses Related to Major Required Hours: 18

COMM 1115 On-Set Film Production I **
Select 6 hours from the following:
COMM 2136 Group Communication
COMM 2137 Introduction to Mass Communication
COMM 2215 GFA Grip and Rigging **
COMM 2216 GFA Electric and Lighting **
COMM 2217 GFA Set Construction and Scenic Painting **
ENGL 2147 Introduction to Film

Take the following two courses:
Foreign Language 1002
Foreign Language 2001

Area G Program Requirements (Theory and General Concepts) Required Hours: 9

COMM 3256 Communication Theories
COMM 4116 Communication Law and Ethics
COMM 4000 Communication Exit Assessment

Select one of the following:
COMM 3157 Qualitative Communication Research
COMM 3255 Quantitative Communication Research
COMM 4155 Communication Research

Area H Program Electives Required Hours: 33

H1 Media Production required hours: 12
COMM 3235 Interactive Media Production
COMM 3257 Video Production I
COMM 4257 Video Production II
COMM 4259 Integrated Web Design

H2 Writing required hours: 9
COMM 3242 Writing for Media
COMM 4108 Social and Digital Media Writing
COMM 4143 Strategic Media Writing

H3 Communication Electives required hours: 12
COMM 3119 Introduction to Computer Mediated Communication
Select three of the following courses:
ARTH 3136 Art of Film
COMM 3141 Introduction to Public Relations
COMM 3146 Political Communication
COMM 4125 Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment
ENGL 3109 Introduction to Screenwriting
ENGL 3130 Film Genres and Themes
HIST 3125 Historical Methods

Area I General Electives Required Hours: 18
Select any other 1000 level or above courses. Recommendations:
COMM 2498 On-Set Internship **
COMM 3698 Jr. Internship
COMM 4698 Sr. Internship
COMM 3498 Practicum (up to 3)

** Denotes courses that can be applied toward the 18-hour Film Production Certificate.

Total Hours Required: 123

4 Year Course Schedule

Suggested four year course schedule