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Bachelor of Business Administration
Management - Entrepreneurship Concentration

Turner College of Business

Department of Management and Marketing

Program Description

The B.B.A. in Management major consists of three distinct concentrations. Each concentration prepares students for successful careers in business; however the focus is different. The Small Business and Entrepreneurship concentration prepares students to start, operate, and/or build their small business to be competitive in a global environment.  The program includes hands-on experiences including student learning projects with a small company and writing a business plan.  While students completing the degree might choose to start a new business, the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are learned in the program will also prepare students to be valued members of a large company. 

Career Opportunities

The Entrepreneurship concentration prepares students for careers ranging from entrepreneurial ventures, small business or family business proprietorship, to corporate careers in many of the areas listed for the other business majors.

Admission Requirements

There are no program specific admission requirements.

Learning Outcomes

Students receiving a BBA degree from the Turner College of Business will:

  • demonstrate proficiency in problem-solving and decision-making in a business context.
  • demonstrate knowledge of key business disciplines and concepts.
  • recognize and analyze ethical issues in a business context.
  • demonstrate knowledge of global business concepts and cultural diversity in a business context.
  • communicate effectively in a business context.
  • demonstrate proficiency in using information technology in a business context.


Students receiving a degree in Management-Entrepreneurship Concentration will be prepared to: 

  • identify various functions of managers in organizations.
  • demonstrate knowledge of behavioral and human resource management issues in organizations.
  • evaluate leadership issues in management.
  • evaluate options for starting, operating, and growing a small business.
  • write a comprehensive business plan for a new entrepreneurial venture.

Additional Program Requirements

All students must earn C or better in Area F, C average in Area G, C or better in Area H, and C average in Area I business electives. 

Program Of Study

Area A Essential Skills Required Hours: 9
ENGL 1101
(with a grade of "C" or better)
ENGL 1102 (with a grade of "C" or better)
Select one of the following courses:

*MATH 1111 is recommended in Area A. Business majors must complete MATH 1111 with a C or better grade for admission to BUSA 3115 and Area G courses.

Area B Institutional Options Required Hours: 4-5

COMM 1110
Select two of the following courses:

Select one of the following courses: Foreign Language 1001, 1002, 2001, or 2002
Any Area C-E course with a study abroad component.

Note: the extra hour may be used as an elective.

Area C Humanities/Fine Arts/Ethics Required Hours: 6
Select one of the following humanities courses:

Select one of the following fine arts courses: *ITDS 1145, though listed under both humanities and fine arts, may be taken only once.

Area D Science/Math/Technology Required Hours: 10-11
Select two science courses from the list below, one of which must include a lab.

Select one of the following courses or a science course from above:

*MATH 1125 is recommended for students considering graduate studies.

Area E Social Sciences Required Hours: 12

Select one course from the following two courses:
HIST 2111
HIST 2112

Take the following course:
POLS 1101
Select one behavioral science course from the following courses:

Select one world cultures course from the following courses:

Wellness Requirement Required Hours: 3 

PHED 1205
Select any one PEDS course.

Area F Courses Related to Major Required Hours: 18
A grade of "C" or better is required for each course in Area F. Students will not be allowed to take Area G courses until this requirement is met.

Area G BBA Core Required Hours: 27 
A minimum 2.0 grade point average is required for Area G.
(C or better required in your major’s prerequisite course and BUSA 4185)

Select the following course:
BUSA 3126 Business Law

Area H Major Course Requirements Required Hours: 21
A minimum grade of "C" is required in each of the following courses:

BUSA 3175 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUSA 4115 New Venture Creation
MGMT 3135 Human Resource Management
MGMT 3185 Leadership
MGMT 4186 Small Business Management

Select two of the following:
ACCT 4142 Income Taxation for Corporations and Partnerships
BUSA 4698 Internship
FINC 3115 Financial Analysis
FINC 4126 Analysis of Financial Statements
MISM 3118/MKTG3118 Global e-Business
MKTG 3135 Consumer Behavior
MKTG 3138 Social Media Marketing

Area I General Electives Required Hours: 12

A minimum 2.0 grade point average is required for Area I business electives.

Select three upper division business electives:
3000/4000 level ACCT, BUSA, ECON, FINC, FTEC, MGMT, MISM, or MKTG courses

Select one non business elective

Total Hours Required: 123

4 Year Course Schedule

Suggested four year course schedule