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Bachelor of Science
Mathematics (Secondary Education Concentration)

College of Letters and Sciences

Department of Mathematics

Program Description

The BS in Mathematics - Secondary Education Track provides a sound foundation in mathematics, as well as course work necessary for teaching certification at the secondary level. As a part of UTeach Columbus, this program stresses early field experiences, inquiry based lessons, and highly engaged instruction. Education coursework focuses directly on math and science classroom settings.

Career Opportunities

Teaching at the secondary level, trade assistant, quantitative analyst

Admission Requirements

During the sophomore year, students intending to complete a teacher education program make formal application to the teacher education program. Normally, this occurs after the student has completed three semesters of full-time course work. Application is made to the COEHP Office of Student Advising and Field Experiences.  For a list of current admission requirements, go to

Learning Outcomes

Graduates from all of the math programs will have:

  • an understanding of calculus and an ability to use calculus in applications
  • knowledge of algebraic structures
  • knowledge of the real numbers, functions, the topological properties of R, differentiation, and integration
  • knowledge of and the ability to apply probability density functions
  • knowledge of appropriate mathematical models
  • the ability to think critically
  • the ability to understand mathematical arguments and to construct mathematical proofs
  • the ability to use computational devices and software in problem solving situations
  • communication skills to acquire, develop, and convey mathematical knowledge

In addition, graduates of the UTeach Columbus program will:

  1. demonstrate proficiency in planning instruction based on standards and knowledge of students
  2. demonstrate proficiency in using a wide range of instructional strategies and differentiating instruction to help all students learn
  3. demonstrate proficiencies related to assessing learning and teaching and using assessment data to adapt instruction for improved student learning
  4. display values, commitments, dispositions, and habits associated with effective and professional teaching

Additional Program Requirements

Students must complete all courses related to major with a C or better unless otherwise approved. 

Students must meet all requirements for admission to Teacher Education. For a list of current requirements, go to

Students must meet all requirements for admission to Student Teaching. For a list of current requirements, go to

To be recommended for teacher certification, students must pass the GACE Mathematics Test I and Test II (for additional information on the GACE, go to

Program Of Study

Area A Essential Skills Required Hours: 9
ENGL 1101 (with a grade of "C" or better)
ENGL 1102 (with a grade of "C" or better)
Select one of the following courses:
MATH 1113
MATH 1131

Area B Institutional Options Required Hours: 4
COMM 1110
Select two of the following courses:

Select one of the following courses: Foreign Language 1001, 1002, 2001, or 2002
Any Area C-E course with a study abroad component.

Note: the two extra hours may be used as electives.

Area C Humanities/Fine Arts/Ethics Required Hours: 6
Select one of the following humanities courses:

Select one of the following fine arts courses: *ITDS 1145, though listed under both humanities and fine arts, may be taken only once.
**ITDS 2125 is required in Area C or in Area G.

Area D Science/Math/Technology Required Hours: 11
Select two lab science courses from below:

Select one of the following courses:
MATH 1131
MATH 1132

Area E Social Sciences Required Hours: 12
Select one course from the following two courses:
HIST 2111
HIST 2112

Take the following course:
POLS 1101
Select one behavioral science course from the following courses:

Select one world cultures course from the following courses:

Wellness Requirement Required Hours: 3

PHED 1205
Select any one PEDS course.

Area F Courses Related to Major Required Hours: 18

1 Guided elective will be selected from among freshman and sophomore level courses in science, business, and education based upon student interests and career goals and requiring the approval of a faculty advisor and the Mathematics Department Chair.

Area G Program Requirements Required Hours: 57-61

UTeach Columbus Teaching Option
(Only two attempts allowed for each of the following courses)

Area H Program Electives Required Hours: 0-3
Select any MATH or STAT courses at the 3000 level or higher.

Total Hours Required: 123-124

4 Year Course Schedule

Suggested four year course schedule