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Online Course computer requirements

In order to participate in an online course, you will need to consider the following:

Minimum computer hardware requirements

  • Either a Personal Computer (PC) or a Macintosh running Windows 98 (2nd. edition); 2000; XP or Mac OS 10.1 or higher.
  • At minimum a VGA (or equivalent) monitor
  • A sound card with speakers or headphones is required in some courses
  • Some language courses require a microphone (an inexpensive one will suffice)
  • A printer is highly recommended

Internet connectivity

If you are not already connected to the Internet, you will need to contact an Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you are not familiar with ISPs in your area, check

A 56 kbps modem is required, but a high speed internet connection (cable modem, DSL, or LAN) is strongly recommended.


Web Browser

You can use any of the following browsers and the indicated version.

Microsoft IE 5.5 (SP2), 6.0
7.0, 7.1, 7.2
8.0, 9.0
1.5, 1.6, 1.7


An e-mail account

For use in registration and communication with professors and other students a CSU e-mail address is issued to all applicants and students accepted to CSU. Distance Education students who are enrolled through another institution can use the communication tools provided with the course or by their home institution. The CSU website Directory or the CougarNet address lists, for students enrolled at CSU, can be used to locate faculty and student contact information.