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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

About the Program

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Create your future in computer science at Columbus State University. To keep pace with the rapid growth of technology, every industry needs professionals who are highly skilled in IT, software development, cybersecurity, and more.

Today's computing environment is highly competitive. Your program focuses on new technologies and emphasizes applications. With six tracks to choose from, it’s easy to customize your computer science degree to fit your interests and career goals.

Columbus State’s BS in Computer Science will prepare you for a thriving career in the discipline of your choice. Each track is designed to encourage creative problem-solving, foster innovation, and develop hands-on skills. Supplement your education and build your professional network by pursuing an internship, co-op, or collaborative research project.

As part of the TSYS School of Computer Science, you’ll have a unique educational advantage. Our partnerships inspire collaboration with regional businesses and industries to understand their needs and create a responsive, state-of-the-art learning environment. Build your creative muscles and meet the workforce needs at organizations of all sizes. Every program and major is current, providing you with a firm foundation in the technologies of today and preparing you for the technologies of tomorrow.

Explore The TSYS School of Computer Science. We’re purpose-built for your success.

Career Opportunities

Based on your area of concentration, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree prepares you for a broad range of careers including:

  • Computer or mainframe programmer
  • Cryptographer or cryptanalyst
  • Information security analyst
  • Game & Simulation engineers
  • Web developer

Jacob Worthington


CSU has done an outstanding job. My coursework introduced me to many technologies and applications that are currently used to secure information and systems. It is vital that this relevancy occurs in the educational field as students enter the technical workforce.


Degree Requirements

Please see our academic catalog for additional information about this degree's requirements.

Applied Computer Science Track

Graduates will be able to design and implement software, devise new ways to use computers, and develop effective ways to solve computing problems. The ability to test and maintain software systems in various application domains will accelerate your career through rigorous academic coursework and hands-on professional experience in the area of your interest.

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Cybersecurity Track

Columbus State’s BS in Computer Science – Cybersecurity Track will prepare you to prepare for a thriving career in this dynamic new discipline. Through a curriculum that focuses on cutting-edge technologies, you’ll learn how to apply the latest methods for securing information and networks. At CSU, you’ll study at the TSYS Cybersecurity Center. This state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to fostering technological innovation, expanding cyber research, and developing cutting-edge cybersecurity practices.

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Education Track

The Bachelor of Science in CS – Education track offered by the TSYS School of Computer Science is aimed at preparing computer science teachers to teach computer science and related topics in grades P to 12. The BS in Computer Science - Education track provides a solid background in computer science, as well as course work necessary for teaching certification at the P-12 level. With the nation facing a critical shortage of qualified computer science teachers, the student who completes the BS with certification should expect a solid academic preparation and numerous job prospects. As a part of UTeach Columbus, this program stresses early field experiences, inquiry-based lessons, and highly engaged instruction. The Uteach coursework focuses directly on math, science, and computer science classroom settings.

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Enterprise Computing Track

Graduates will be able to design and implement software, devise new ways to use computers, and develop effective ways to solve computing problems. According to the US Department of Labor, computer science and information technology job opportunities are expected to grow at approximately 22% through 2020, which is much faster than the average for other occupations.

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Games Programming Track

The BS in Computer Science - Games Programming Track provides students with a thorough understanding of the theory, design, and programming techniques required for producing games software. This track equips students with the theoretical and practical knowledge for careers in the games and simulation industries. Topics covered include games theory, design and programming; graphics techniques including virtual environments; artificial intelligence techniques; multi-player and Internet games programming; and games specific software tools.

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Software Systems Track

Graduates will be able to design and implement software, devise new ways to use computers, and develop effective ways to solve computing problems. Exercise your creative muscles while working on your senior software engineering project and become software designers and architects.

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Web Development Track

Graduates will be able to design and implement software, devise new ways to use computers, and develop effective ways to solve computing problems. Develop your understanding of digital media and design to create a holistic experience for your audience. Server-side topics include: server-side scripting languages, interfacing web applications with databases, advanced topics in hypertext markup languages and client-side scripting.

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Admissions Requirements

Please see our admissions page for any general admission requirements or the academic catalog for any degree-specific admission requirements.

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Tuition and Fees

Value matters at CSU. We strive to make all programs attainable and affordable for every student.

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Financial Aid

From state scholarships to federal student aid, we’re here to help you take advantage of every educational resource.

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