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Final Examination Schedules

Final exam schedules are created in a way that minimizes the number of students with more than one exam a day.

Spring 2020

Final Exam Guidelines:

  • Exam Week is now May 11-14 for full term courses transformed from face-to-face to online. In these courses, instructors should end regular instruction and all synchronous activities on May 9 and conduct final exams (or appropriate culminating activities) during Exam Week.
  • Final exams (or any activity during Exam Week) should be conducted asynchronously and be designed to be completed in no more than 150 minutes.
  • Courses that were originally online can proceed with exams as planned, but they should not require synchronous exams or activities during May 11-14.
  • Final exams should be designed to proceed without proctoring or proctoring services (other than tools built into CougarVIEW).
  • Students with disabilities can usually be accommodated within CougarVIEW. If in doubt, instructors should contact the Center for Accommodation and Access for guidance on accommodations. COOL can help instructors make quiz materials accessible and help adjust quizzes for students who need additional time.
  • Exceptions to these guidelines must be approved by the appropriate academic dean.

These guidelines are designed to allow exams to proceed in an unpredictable environment caused by coronavirus disruptions, including a shortened exam week, overwhelmed third-party proctoring services, closed testing centers, the potential for shelter-in-place conditions, students who may not have access to computers at a given time, and students who may have children at home unexpectedly.

Summer 2020


Fall 2020


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