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Freshman Learning Community

What is a Freshman Learning Community?

At Columbus State University, a Freshman Learning Community (FLC) is a cluster of two or more General Education and/or lower division major courses taken by the same students during the same semester. In many cases the First-Year Seminar, FYRS 1105, is included in the cluster. The classes in the FLC usually have fewer students than stand-alone classes, enabling students to get to know each other and their professors.

The purpose of a Freshman Learning Community is to create a group of students in their first year of higher education who connect with each other, their professors, and the campus. Columbus State University offers a variety of Freshman Learning Communities. Some clusters include courses with a shared theme, so that students find connections between various disciplines. Others focus on particular interests or majors. Still others are simply bundled courses at times convenient to students.

Why enroll in a Freshman Learning Community?

First of all, it's convenient. You can enroll in several classes in one step. After enrolling in the community, you then add other courses to fill out your schedule. These classes are taught at popular times by outstanding instructors. Finally, you meet others who share your interests or major. Many national studies have shown that students who participate in Freshman Learning Communities enjoy their courses more, form stronger friendships with classmates, and are more likely to return to college for their second year than students who don't join a learning community.

Benefits of being enrolled in FLC:

  • Students begin their college experience in small classes.
  • Students are assured excellent, full-time faculty members.
  • Students are able to make new friends easily and quickly.
  • Students form natural study groups.
  • Students become part of a small community within a larger environment.
  • Classes are offered at the best times.
  • Students are more likely to stay in college if they are successful their first semester.